What an incredible weekend! I am so thankful for you everyone's support and involvement in our neighborhood block party.  It was truly as success. And to top it off, we were able to celebrate as a church family together the fact that Jesus "ain't dead no more!" Resurrection Sunday was such a joy.  It was fantastic to see so many people together.  I'm praying for more Sundays just like it!  

If you have been around FBC during my time as pastor, you have undoubtedly heard me use the phrase "Neighborhood Church for the Nations!" You may have even wandered, "Why does he keep on saying that"?  Well, I want you to know that it is way more than just a nice saying or a catchy slogan.  Yes, I want it nice and catchy, but that is only so you can remember it.   My prayer is that it will become engrained in the DNA of our church - really set into who we are.  It's our vision.  Vision is about direction.  You can't drive without vision.  This is a little different than our mission (To know Jesus and make Him known).  Our mission is our "why;" it's why we exist and do everything we do; but vision, it's the "what."  It's what I believe FBC Soddy Daisy should be known for - a church that loves it's neighborhood and the nations.    

I say all that because I believe this past weekend was a tremendous step in the right direction to start becoming a "Neighborhood Church for the Nations."  Let's get caught up in taking the Gospel to Soddy Daisy, to Lakesite, to Hixson, to the Northern part of Hamilton County!  Church family, let's love our neighborhood well! Look for ways you can do just that.  You don't need a block party to love your neighbors.  Love is shown in tangible ways through acts of kindness.  So let's start with showing the love of God to our neighbors.   

Thankful to be your Pastor,